Monday, August 4, 2008


I will be giving away a yummy pack of goodies to the lady who introduces the most people to our BOM challenge - so come on, convince your friends / family / Blog "stalkers" / creative sisters to join the BOM Challenge and I will send you some divine stash.

The "Rules" of this Challenge are simple ...
  1. This is open to ladies who are already participating in the Challenge and if you sign up before the 15th September 2008, you may also particpate in this Challenge

  2. The goodies will be sent to the lucky lady who introduces the most people to our BOM Challenge (the ladies you introduce must register with me and participate in the challenges in order for you to win the RAK)

  3. The Challenge is open until the 30th September 2008

I am determined to get the "Secret Sista Society" up and running - by increasing the number of people who participate in the BOM Challenge, we can increase the number of ladies available to be Secret Sistas - each person who joins the Challenge has the opportunity of becoming a Secret Sista to someone and also having a Secret Sista allocated to them .... much like a creative PEN PAL. This will be loads of fun so please join us, ladies ...

And the bonus is that you may receive some free stash just by getting your friends to join your creative journey ...


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Sophia said...

I need to see who I can go