Tuesday, August 19, 2008


STILL itching and still scratching - ewwww - but the good news is that I have decided to go straight to PLAN C and leave the exterminating up to the Experts. I am having the inside and outside of the house sprayed tomorrow (would do the whole neighbourhood if I could ...) - I have the heebie jeebies and at least this way the bug-"gers" will die fast whereas if I try all my little tricks, I could still be itching by Christmas and you may find me rocking silently in a little corner of my house (covered in fleas, of course - ewwww - shivering at the thought ... ewww) - Who will scrap my photos? - Do fleas eat paper? Oh no, something else to keep me awake at night - I shudder at the thought ...

Thanks so much for all the tips I received on how to get rid of these nasty critters - I'm afraid I have to put a limit of my many talents (tee hee) and admit that "My name is Tracy and I am no Exterminator". I think I'm gonna catch two, put them in jar, and call them "ITCHY" and "SCRATCHY" ... creepy ... just a thought ... Do having fleas start affecting your rational thinking? - I am not sure why I would want to catch fleas anyway ... ewwwww

This also gives me an excuse to go to my weekly social scrapping with Annamarie in 'Toti - my scrapping prayers are answered ... perhaps I should be grateful to the little creatures ... er .. NOT!!!!

Hi Cathy, I see you relate well to my dilemma - these creatures will drive us both demented - ewww - I'll reach out to you if I find myself rocking quietly in a corner ... (tee hee).

Okay, moving along - believe me I could write a thesis on these bug-"gers" ...

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank (I sound as though I am making an acceptance speech after receiving an Oscar ...) those ladies who always leave such kind comments on my blog and support my challenges - Sophia (my IT Guru), Desire, Jacqui B, Michelle and Jacki JvR. If you click on their names you will go straight to their blogs - read all about these interesting ladies - it's nice to know we are all "FAIRLY" normal ... (tee hee).

I want to welcome BELMA, MANDI and ANNAMARIE to our BOM Challenges - I finally convinced them to join and they are tackling the pages with a vengeance - well done, my friends!!!!

You will also notice that I have changed my settings to include 20 posts instead of 6 - thanks for the tip, Desire - makes sense ...

May pop in later and add some more LO's - time is eluding me ... so what's new???


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Sophia said...

Welcome aboard new BOM ladies, look forward to seeing your LOs soon...:)