Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is Michelle Ramsay's take on BOM Challenge No. 6 - well done, Michelle - love it!!

And here is her journaling ...

I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day

I have a pedicure every month.

I have a great sense of humour and often see the funny side of things. My family think this is not so good as I do find others’ misfortunes hilarious!! But people will send me funny things saying that they knew I would appreciate it!

I don’t wait for things to get done, I get on and do them.

I always finish what I start.

I am reliable & helpful and give 100% effort.

I am loyal and won’t let someone down if I have undertaken to do something.

I have never smoked; not even taken a puff.

I have a good memory and can remember conversations. When doing walking races in particular, I would always take note and remember the roads and landmarks that I walked past and my friend Shelley would just look at me if I ever reminded her of where we had been!

I don’t drink much, but with the right friends, could go overboard. The last time that happened was a few years ago with my friend Shelley and I won’t elaborate!!
I have my hair cut every 6 weeks. If my hair looks good, I feel good.

I am game for a dare or challenge – did 1208km in walking races in a year and swam the midmar mile in 2000 (having not swam since 1979!)

I fall asleep while watching TV and then I wake myself because I am snoring and uncomfortable or because my family are really irritated with me and wake me up to tell me not to sleep.

I don’t delegate. I am a strong believer that if I am responsible for something, then I must do it.

If I need help with doing something and ask someone to help me, I expect them to help me then. If they don’t, I just leave them and get on with it.

I bite my lips if they are dry, although I am starting to use Lip-Ice more often.

When I am cross or upset, I tend to mull over things for a while – it is best to just leave me alone to get over it, hehe.

When chatting I sometimes interrupt the person as I have an answer to what they are talking about and don’t want to forget what I want to say.

I can be very stubborn.

I cannot leave a pimple alone – it just has to go!!!!

I pick my nose – I cannot stand when there is something there and it just has to go, but in private!!!

If something is nice, I have a saying from the Polyfilla advert that I use – “very, very nice Pieter, now go and fix the crack in the kitchen” with the accent too!!!

If I am cross with someone or something I say “Yus …” when telling the story.

Your bad and ugly are certainly NOT BAD and UGLY, Michelle. Thanks for this insight into YOU!!!



Andrea said...

Awwww, I am so inspired, just wish I had the time and photos to join in right now....had the best laid plans but then Nicholas arrived and the rest as they say is history lol.

Stefanie said...

I can so identify...just won't mention exactly which ones...ha ha.

Libby said...

Lovely layout Michelle, I really enjoyed the journalling as well.

karin said...

Oh my, i love this layout idea, but not sure i want to know all my bad habits!!!
i admire those who admit to picking their
take care

jacqui said...

lovely layout, Michelle. Tracy - love your new pic.....!!!!!

MandaK said...

Tracy - your site came up today as a recommended read on my google reader, and I am so glad that it did! I spent a long time reading back and have really enjoyed looking at your work and the work of the other ladies. On my to-do list for this year was to spend more time working with digital scrapbooking, and I might just have to use your BOM challenges to do so. Thanks so much! I'll be back!