Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is Jacqui's 3rd LO - On the day that she was born - well done and love that you have so many photos ...

This is her story ...

On 9 April 1974, my mom and dad arrived at the hospital at 5:30pm to be induced as I was not keen to make any attempt at coming out into the big wide world. My mom was prepped and Doctor Orford (my mom’s gynae) came in to check that all was proceeding according to plan. The contractions were now less frequent and he suggested mom spend the night in hospital and he asked for a bed to be made up for him so he could spend the night in the hospital too. In the morning, nothing had changed and the Doctor spoke to my dad about the possibility of an emergency Caesar. The Doctor went home to change and have something to eat for breakfast. My mom was prepped for theater and my dad wasn’t allowed to come into the theatre to witness the birth. My mom was given a general anesthetic so she too didn’t witness my birth. The pediatrician, Dr Super was in attendance to check me over to make sure I had all my fingers and toes.

When my mom woke up after the Caesar, my dad was standing next to her bed and she asked him “What have we got?” and he replied, “Just what you wanted”. My dad was convinced I was going to be another boy, but my mom kept on saying to him that I was going to be a girl. Looks like Mom was right…..

Mom had to stay in hospital until all the stitches were ready to come out. This was usually 10 days, but she was lucky and sent home on the 9th day. I was kept in the nursery and at feeding times, I was wheeled out in my cot into the passage way and my mom had to walk down to the nursery and fetch me.

According to my mom, I was a lovely baby with lots of dark hair. Even Dr Orford said “You have a lovely baby there.”

Time of birth : 10:55am
Place : Windhoek State Hospital
Birth weight : 8lbs. 6oz (3.8kg)Length : 20 ¾ ins (53cm)

Hope you enjoy this glimpse into Jacqui's life.



Desire Fourie said...

A very striking layout from Jacqui, love the pink and brown colour scheme.

Sophia said...

Cute LO the colour PINK!!!

Stefanie said...

Beautiful, I love the colour scheme too.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Lovely layout and so much information. I think I left a comment on Jacqui's blog and not here - sorry!