Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I did not manage to complete all 5 GREEN ACTIONS but I can check off the following: -

I made someone smile ... in fact I smiled at just about everybody this last week, even a little tot in the back seat of her dad's car - she grinned from ear to ear when I smiled at her - so cute ...

I charged my cellphone during the day ... well, I did charge it one night BUT I woke up and took it off of charge (must've been my conscience pricking me ...)

I continue to give up spare time to volunteer at the school library ...

I haven't had an opportunity to take the stairs yet so I will carry this one forward

I haven't had the chance the grow something with Bryce - will carry this forward too ...

My new list: -
  1. Love where you live (draw a map of your immediate neighbourhood ...)
  2. Look closer (find something interesting in everyday life that others may not have seen ...)
  3. Don't overfill the kettle (I am so nervous of a dry kettle that I tend to overfill it ...)
  4. Let at least one car in in every journey (I often let one car in so I'm going to try and let 2 cars in ...)
  5. Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth (ooh, I'm guilty of this one for sure ...)
  • Take the stairs (carried over ...)
  • Grow something with a child (carried over ...)

How did you do this last week???



Kim Watson said...

Thanks for the tips...your footprint is shrinking as we 'speak' :o)

Beryldene said...'s TUESDAY!!...EEK!!...OK i DID SAY "give me till Wednesday!!" I will report back tomorrow...

but back to seriously had lol reading your first point about smiling...i don't know you, and have never seen you in the flesh, but I think you can be pretty zealous when you go all out for something, and visualizing the size and intensity of the smile, and how people must have thought you were just plain...well....just weird! what had me laughing...eish...priceless!

Well done! Def going to join you for week 2!!


PS: Pink in ANYTHING counts!!!..thanks for the camo tips..Lizzy here I camo...oops..come!

Sophia said...

You doing great girl...keep going!

Tracy said...

Hi Bee

Actually come to think of it, I must have looked pretty goofy grinning like the village idiot ... ROFL ...

One of my friends said it looked as though I had been up to some serious mischief ... I'll practice the grin so that it's a little more sedate - mona lisa???

I had fun freaking people out ...

Love, Tracy

Stefanie said...

No, Mona Lisa would be even weirder - or people will think you're smelling a suspect smell.
I did all those things except growing something with a child, just because I don't think you'd allow the mould growing on sandwiches to count...?

Andrea said...

Well done Tracy, I am one away which I am determined to fulfill tonight and will update in the morning....thanks for such a lovely blog.