Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I have been doing a little surfing this morning and I came across Kimmi's blog - go take a peek on her blog at the pictures of the destruction Hurricane Gustav has caused. How scary is this??? Check out the National Guard, with full-on weapons, who are placed there to keep control and check out all the power lines that are down and the trees and buildings that have been destroyed ... AND they had no electricity for 5 days - think of the consequences ... spoilt food, no hot water, etc. etc.

How VERY LUCKY are we???

Crime and all, I'll stay here in little ol' South Africa .... I am more scared of natural phenomenon than criminals ... tee hee ...

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Cathy said...

I agree with you... we have NO volcanos, tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes. This is definately a much safer place to live!

jacqui said...

I have to agree with you! SA is the best place to live!!!! Sorry I've been so quiet. will update my blog soon. Been trying to study, had a hubby who has just finished his exams and a maid who resigned.... part of me is relieved she's gone as it wasn't a pleasant probation experience, but that leaves me to do all my own housework, ironing etc until I find someone else. No time to do that at the moment. Got 9 exams coming up shortly and needing to do some MAJOR studying.... Will keep in touch. How's the scrapping coming along?

Beryldene said...

Hi Tracy,

You are so right about 2 things...1. Your character doll is so you! (I think) and yes, we really are blessed to be safe from natures harm, when she has a bad day...sigh...there's always an upside, and great that there are people who choose to focus on them!

Glad you're still charmed!