Monday, October 13, 2008

What makes Michelle Tick and what Ticks her off ... PLUS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all you BOM-mers

This is Michelle's take on BOM Challenge No. 7 (Things I Love) ... what a stunning LO, Michelle, with so much time and effort put into it - thank you ....

Here is her journaling ...

Things I love (in no particular order):

My brothers & and my sister - Malcolm, Warren & Liesel
Having a good spring clean every once in a while
Chocolate cake, brownies, muffins, lemon meringue pie
Flowers - Gerberas are my favourite, but I enjoy all
Spending time with my friends - they are all so special to me
Spending time with my family - we always have such a laugh!!
At this moment in time, I am really loving going to the Gym
Dancing – this puts me on a high!
Reading - a good book goes down very well
Watching movies - my favourites is Pretty Woman
Organising and helping people organise things
Seafood - calamari and prawns being my best
Music – loud - especially music that you can dance to
Seeing physically challenged people achieve
Really good jokes - I have a great sense of humour!
A really good, but not too hot, curry (especially prawn)
Salads - I have one for lunch every day
Chocolates, especially those which have nuts in them
Going on holidays overseas - seeing different cultures
Spending time away from home, just chilling
The satisfaction of achieving when others said I wouldn't
Watching monkeys, apes, gorillas - really fascinating
My husband, Dereck. We have certainly had a lot of fun
A good party - with the right people I can have lots of fun!
Chocolate ice-cream or chocolate milkshake
Mixing all my food together so that I can just use a fork
Buying & wrapping up presents
The feeling when having completed a walking race
Painting - I have painted most of the inside of our house
A good challenge - I must be interested in it though
Going shopping, especially if for me too!
Decorating and making things nice for a function
My children, Leanne & Grant
A good dare - have bungi jumped & loved it!
Just getting on with things - why wait?
Pork chops or chicken kebabs on a braai
Pasta in any form - meal or salad
My dogs – Zippa, Jemma & Izzy
The smell of freshly cut grass on a hot day
A good massage - legs or whole body
Soaking in a hot bubble bath (don't do this often enough!)
Freshly made fruit salad with granadilla
Waking up and wondering what the day has in store for me
Collecting Beatrix Potter & Swarovski Crystal figurines
Collecting teaspoons from around the world
Scrapbooking - I find this very relaxing and satisfing
Making things - cookies, teddy bears, anything creative
Eating nougat especially with berries and nuts
Drinking berry drinks especially smoothies
Just being accepted for who and what I am
The colour purple (mauve)
Watching ballroom dancing
Watching, diving, gymnastics & athletics
My mom and dad (Laura & Lu)
Spins, Brutul Fruit, Bacardi Breezers
Rose wine and peach champagne

Things I hate: –

Baked beans, beetroot, cooked cabbage, oats, sago pudding (I had sago pudding last week and I now love it, so this will have to come off!!!!)
People who are false & say things they really don't mean
Snakes – actually I am petrified of them!
When things don't get put back where they belong
* Rude people, and bad service * Inconsiderate people
Eating a meal where you have to pick out the bones
Rainy weather - it's messy and the washing piles up!
Seeing people begging with their children

Of all of us (myself included) Desire and Michelle are the most up to date with their BOM Challenges - good going, girls ... I hear the protests even as I type - I work (yes you do) ... I'm too busy (I know life gets hectic and in the way) ... this is supposed to be for fun (and it certainly is) ... I am not coming down on you (that would mean that I would have to berate myself as well ... remember that I am the last-minute Queen ... tee hee ...) SOOOOO have I decided to set an incentive ... (drum roll ....ta da ...)

IF YOU COMPLETE ALL OF YOUR BOM CHALLENGES BY THE END OF NOVEMBER 2008 (this will include any new challenges set before this date), I WILL SEND YOU AN A4 CHIPBOARD SHEET OF BRACKETS FOR FREE FOR GRATIS AND FOR NOTHING, except to say well done for catching up ....

AND SURPRISE .... I will send Desire and Michelle that same Chipboard Sheet with a little something extra thrown in for their hard work in keeping up with the BOM CHALLENGES ... (expect to receive this at the beginning of December 2008, girls - please send me your postal addy in the meantime)

I have not forgotten about the RAK Challenge that was due at the end of September - I have been deliberating on what to do ... Desire introduced the most people to our BOM but very few of those ladies have had the time to complete any Challanges at all ... I still want to say thank you, Desire - I will pop something small in the post for you (please send me your postal addy).

And I want to encourage those ladies that joined "under" Desire to keep at it - even if you haven't completed a single Challenge, may today be the start of a new day!! Try and complete an older challenge with every new one that I set - you'll be amazed at how quickly you will catch up - JUST DON'T GIVE UP ... we're in this together ... If you need help, e-mail me and I will send you a sketch or give you some ideas ... better yet, scraplift something and add your own story ...

PEACE OUT!!! (I've always wanted to ue that expression - weird??? maybe ....)



Libby said...

Thanks for the inspiration Tracy, will be doing my best to be caught up by the end of November!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Oooh that is a nice surprise. Thanks Tracy. I certainly had fun putting this together - lots of work, but fun!!

Sophia said...

GO Michelle go...great LO!

Desire Fourie said...

Wow, wow, wow ... what more can I say Michelle. What an interesting and striking way of putting those loves and hates down on a layout. Well done ... you really deserve a medal for all those hours you have put into this. Just love it.

Mmm ... Tracy thanks for your generosity ... always nice to receive a gift. But, I don't know whether I deserve it though ... will have to make some fire under those BOM-ers who have signed up through me.