Friday, December 18, 2009


As part of my first shipment from Imaginisce, I was incredibly thrilled to receive the i-Top Tool - essentially, it's a Brad Maker ... YES, you heard right ... a BRAD MAKER ... you can make your very own Brads ... FOR REAL!!!!

I have to admit to not really having had the time to play with my new little toy BUT I took it to a crop recently and it took me all of 2 minutes to make my very first brad - even after reading instructions as I went along ... it took me longer to decide which piece of paper I was going to use than it did to make the actual brad ... tee hee ...  The instructions on the packaging are very easy to follow and very comprehensive - what looks like a complicated Tool is in fact a simple

ScrapJazz has an amazing review on this product ... not only has Andrea explained the Tool itself but she has also experimented with various topper ideas and has also suggested using the following unusual items to top your Brads ...

candy wrappers
notebook paper
clothing labels
stamped images on paper
gems, rub-ons, stickers or glitter
I am certainly going to try the Candy Wrappers and the Clothing Labels ...
Here is one of my favourite projects from the Imaginice Idea Gallery ...  

I'm off to do some MORE Christmas shopping ... sigh ... Hope you have an awesome weekend ...


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Samantha said...

Ooooh! I've been curious about this new tool! Awesome that you have one T!:)