Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am playing Survivor over at TallyScrapper - having sooo much fun!!!  This was the LO I created for last week's challenge ...

I have sooo many "old" photos and decided at the beginning of the year to use them up (no matter how "nasty" they are) - they are after all, MEMORIES I want to document ...

The Challenge was :-

1.   The LO must have "white" or "negative" space;
2.   It must have at least one photo with more than 2 people in the photo;
3.   Must contain the colours tan/brown and blue;
4.   Must use at least 2 staples and a piece of recycled scrapbooking packaging.

This week's challenge is waaay more challenging ... (tee hee) ...

1.   Scrap in a straight line (either vertically up the page or horizonally across the page (not diagonally ...);
2.   Use the colour combo orange, yellow, olive green and burgundy;  (THIS IS WHERE I AM STUMPED ...);
3.   Use this one-liner from Ricky Bobby - "That just happened".

EEEEEk .... and if that's not enough of a challenge, then a twist has been added to the Plot ...

"Finish your challenge this week then quick!! 5 members from TEAM ROB and 5 members from TEAM RUSSELL will be whisked away to REDEMPTION ISLAND!

You will find a group for it and you wont be a part of your team anymore!!

You will have a completely seperate challenge and group. 

For week 3 whomever WINS the Redemption Island challenge will CHOOSE where the remaining 9 members end up....5 for Team Rob and 5 for TEAM Russell!!
At least 2 members must be on opposite teams though. :)"

Ok, so I'm off to scrap (well, to try and find something in the colour combo to match the Challenge - so not seeing the combo as working in my head - wish me luck  ... chat later ...


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Amanda Dovey said...

Such a cute layout!! so glad you have been scrapping so much latley!!