Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today's post is a little more serious - I am so very grateful for the many blessings I receive every day. I think just getting up in the morning, with a healthy body and a healthy mind, is enough.

Do we stop and express our gratitude for the little things we enjoy, often enough?

Do we even acknowledge or recognise the little things?

I am grateful, on a daily basis, for: -

  1. Greg - my strength and my all
  2. Bryce - my everything
  3. My healthy mind - a little forgetful but nonetheless healthy
  4. My healthy body - again, a little curvy, but all parts in good working order
  5. My mom
  6. My brother, Dylan and his gorgeous boys and loyal wife
  7. My sister, Queri and her beautiful daughter
  8. My dad
  9. My extended family (my wonderful in-laws and sisters-in-law and their families)
  10. My home, which comes with all it's creature comforts
  11. My warm bed and blankets
  12. Food
  13. Fresh air
  14. Safety and security within my home and whilst out and about and on the road
  15. Clean and accessible water
  16. Hot water
  17. Friends
  18. Kate - a true angel on earth
  19. Love
  20. etc, etc

Why not post me a quick list of 5 things you are grateful for - just acknowledging the little things make the journey of life all the more worthwhile.

I am also grateful that my cold is letting up and I feel human again - not like some "glazed donut monster" who can't breathe through her nose so makes these scary breathing noises with her throat - not pretty, I promise you!

Check out Sophia's updated blog - so beautiful. She is one talented lady. I got a sneak peak at her LO for the MMM Comp - stunning - a winner!!

Hopefully I will be able to post some of my LO's late next week so check back in then.

I am going to bed to read - got some divine thrillers from the Bookshop today. Try a novel by James Grippando or Val McDermid - nailbiters!! By the way, I want to start a Book Club - any suggestions for fun things to do - don't just wanna sit around discussing so-and-so's writing technique ....

Start of winter school holidays tomorrow - hope I can keep Bryce entertained. Trying to get to Sani Pass - hopefully the weather will co-operate and we will see snow during the hols. Gonna try my hand at 4 x 4'ing in the snow. My Fortuner manual says that it can drive in the snow - we'll see .....

P.S. So excited - picking Greg up from the Airport tomorrow - he has been in Zambia all week - again!!!@@##!


Desire Fourie said...

So glad the newy on the block is back with a vengence and have recovered from a cold spell. Yes, I was one of those unfortunate SAA passengers caught in the Durban Airport chaos on 18 June. Sat at the Dbn Airport for 11 hours with most of the passengers being kept in total darkness re flight schedules etc. SAA's passengers are just numbers and not people.

I was wondering when we are going to see some of your art work ... cant wait.

Thanks my (Doing Life's) Scrapaganza was a huge success, loads of fun and delicious food. And as usual Makaranga Garden Lodge is just the most beautiful and unique venue in South Africa with wonderful staff.

Enjoy the school holidays with your son. Get him to take photos of wherever he is going or whatever he is doing during the holidays and get him to create a scrapbook page or two ...

Keep well. Desire

jacki janse van rensburg said...

hi tracy

thanks for the comment on my blog. love your blog, looking forward to reading more, and to seeing your layouts.

i put my layouts flat on the floor and take one photo from straight above, and crop and edit it before i post. no stitching needed.

good luck for the blogging-thing!

jacki janse van rensburg said...

hi tracy. me again!

i loved your 'grateful' post, and will be doing one myself sometime next week! thanks for the inspiration. one cannot count one's blessings often enough!

Desire Fourie said...

Hi Jacki. Please give me your blog address ... would love to visit your blog. Thanks Desire from Doing Life.

Dear Tracy. I must say the men your life are quite handsome ... make sure to always treasure them dearly. Love. Desire

Sophia said...

Looking good with the boys in da hood...

Loved reading what you are grateful for...perhaps will do one on mine too...

Cannot wait, FRI will be a blast!!!