Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have been toying with the idea of a "BOOK OF ME" (BOM) challenge for at least the last 3-4 years (I hope it doesn't take me this long to get all my ideas going ...). I came across the idea whilst browsing on the net a few years ago and I was intrigued by the challenges, especially because I think it is extremely important to document our lives for those who stay behind after we go. There are many ways of approaching this but this is how I am going to work mine ...

  • I will post a challenge every two weeks (you will need to check in every two weeks)

  • The challenges will be specific

  • We will have two weeks, every 5th Challenge to CATCH UP with challenges we have not completed

  • You can either participate on your own or "register" with me

  • I will post your layouts on my blog (if you agree)

  • I will post your stories on my blog (if you agree)

  • I will post my progress on my blog

I will refine any hiccups along the way and I am always open to constructive and creative suggestions.


You will need to decide whether you are going to make up your own album or use an existing album (the size is up to you), bearing in mind that whatever you decide, you must be able to add pages to the album as we go along. I will post a detailed challenge, with hints and tips, every two weeks and you will need to complete a page (double or single - the choice is yours) based on your interpretation of that challenge. You have two weeks to complete the current challenge and then you will need to tackle the next one. You can elect to keep a single colour and theme throughout or you can do something different for each challenge - the choice is yours! Sounds easy, doesn't it? Just remember that this is called a "BOOK OF ME" so you are in control of it - I am just giving you "title" or "theme" ideas to make it a little easier. The first few challenges will be about introducing yourself on a fairly basic level, then I will start throwing in some "difficult" or more meaningful challenges which will require thought and insight into yourself. I will also throw in a few fun challenges along the way. I have enough ideas to keep us going for about a year or so (about 26 challenges) so I would like you to commit to at least a year. Any scrapper from anywhere in the world is welcome to join us - remember though that this is a family safe site and I can moderate comments and can choose whether or not to publish them so keep it tidy, people - I know all scrappers are sane but I am not sure about the rest of you out there .... (just kidding LOL).


It would be awesome to follow you guys through this journey if you would let me. I love watching how this craft heals us and unites us - no I am NOT a stalker - yet!!! So, I'll make it very easy to follow. Registering your e-mail address with me (send me a post including your e-mail address) simply means the following: -

  • I know how many people are taking part in the challenge

  • I can offer encouragement

  • We can get to know each other

  • I will send you your next challenge via e-mail so you don't miss a single one

  • I can post your LO's on my blog (if you agree)

  • I can post your progress or touching moments on my blog (again, if you agree)

  • I will send you details of my upcoming classes and projects

  • I will assign each registered person with a "secret sista" (SS). You will be a SS to somebody and will be assigned a SS who will take care of you. Your duties as a SS include, but are not restricted to, encouragement, inspiration during times of need or even just because you can, scrapbooking tips and tricks, a once-a-month or once-a year or birthday goodie bag (you decide how often you want to treat your SS) which you send to the person you are assigned. You can choose whether you want to be a SS to somebody in S Africa or overseas (provided of course we get anybody interested from over the seas .. come on scrappers, UNITE!!) At the end of our BOM challenges you can arrange to meet or disclose who you are (OR NOT) - it is up to you. "Secret" means not disclosing who you are until the end so this is much like a "pen pal" but in secret. I have only a few requests - (a) that if you commit yourself as a SS you stay with it until the end, (b) you contact your SS once a month at the very least and (c) your identity remains a secret until the end ...

CHALLENGE No. 1 (for the 2 weeks ending 13th July 2008)

Introduction to me

This is a brief introductory page about you and must include a recent photo of yourself (eeek). I like to call this a quick "CV" or "brief description of you" page as we will go into much more detail during the course of the next year. This page must reflect who you are at a glance - use colours and embellishments to describe you, along with the words.

Hints and Tips of what you can include for Introduction to me: -

Full name/s
Date of birth and age
Where you were born
Parents name/s
How many siblings you have and their name/s
Colour of eyes
Colour of hair
Married / single?
Do you have children? If so, how many? Name/s
Where you live now - either specifically or just a City and Country Name
A single line stating your present Career
etc. etc.

As I think of more ideas I will post them on my blog .... Feel free to send me some ideas .... and check back here from time to time as I will include comments and suggestions from others.

Please also remember to send me your layouts and register your e-mail address with me (only if you want to, of course) and we can get the SS thing going. It may take a while for the SS to start as we can only assign SS if we have enough scrappers registered so please encourage friends to join quickly.

You may also join at any stage, provided you feel you can catch up with the previous challenges!

I guess this is all for now - let me go and plan some more and also start on my first page!!

GOOD LUCK and hope you feel inspired to join in the fun!


Sophia said...

Hey, Tracy...what a GREAT idea, love it.

As you know I am game for all sorts of things so this one - I am in!!!

You already have my email addy, and I really do not mind you posting details of mine as we go along...

Cannot wait to start on this, it is about time I started this whole process.

I am happy to have a SS from overseas or local!!!

jacqui said...

Hi Tracy

Just heard about this through Sophia. It sounds wonderful. I'd love to join. You are most welcome to share my stuff on your blog. My email address is : I'm also happy with any SS from overseas or local!!!

Thanks for organising this. It's going to be GREAT!!!

Andrea said...

Hi Tracy,

Well as they say "better late then never" (lol) I am finally settled in the UK and think this is just the kind of project I am looking for to keep me busy on those lonely days....although not too sure how many of those there will be once the baby arrives. But, that said if it isn't too late I would LOVE to join the challenge. My email addy is and I am happy for you to post on the blog. I am going to get started on projects 1 and 2 and may even combine them into a double if that is okay to help me catch up. Well done with the idea I am quite excited!

Libby said...

Hi Tracy, Such a great idea! I've heard about it through Desire and she's encouraged me to email you :)Best I get started though and I see all you creative girls have set a very high standard! My email address is (Think the email I sent you earlier was from my work address??) so please use the yahoo one rather. Am happy for u to post my layouts and really looking forward to this journey with you guys.