Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I survived my first post and have been playing around with colours. I am nowhere near changing important things like html code (I now know that this is computer lingo) and such. I am so grateful, Sophs, for your help - it was great having you here last night - you saved this blog from becoming extinct - thank you ... thank you ... thank you ...

Go check out Sophs' blog - she is way experienced on the blog thing.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what the East Coast of South Africa is all about: -
  • I am a wife to Greg (my high school sweetheart and soul mate - love you, hon) and a mother to Bryce (my raison de etre)

  • I live in Durban, SA - being a coastal city it is very hot and humid in Summer and mild in Winter (altho I'm sure global warming is causing it to freeze here this Winter - brrrr ... some mornings have been really chilly ....)

  • I am a SAHM (some days are good, others not so good, despite having all that I need and good medication - but that's another story for another day ...)

  • I love to read and scrapbook (is there anything else of interest to do???? - not on my shift)

  • I teach Scrapbooking .... ( I will have a link to my classes up and running shortly)

  • I have really good friends

  • I have an awesome (sometimes twisted, but good) immediate family (love ya, Mom, Dyl, Kez and Dad)

  • I have a great extended family (in-laws are the best and Horse and Snake are too ...)

  • I do not like to cook (borrring)

  • I like to wash my own dishes - there is something about the feel of a squeaky clean glass or dish ... go figure ...

  • I have curly hair - always in search of a good iron ....

  • I am way curvaceous .... don't go there today!!!

  • I love watermelon and oxtail and lamb chops and broccoli and baby marrows (not all mixed together, of course) ...

  • We have some of the best surfing spots ... (Greg is teaching Bryce to surf - go Bryce!!!!)

  • There are no lions roaming the streets ...

  • We have satellite tv ... (yup, we watch Greys and Life and Prison Break)

  • We use our mobile phones more than anyone else in the world ... (just a bit of useless info)

OOOPS - look at the time - I told you I'd become addicted, Sophs - I am helping out at Bryce's school library this morning so must get my A into G. Will let you have another scintillating insight into my world later.

Bye for now!!

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Desire Fourie said...

Welcome to cyber space Tracy. I must say you had the Master Sophia teaching you ... she's an excellent, very patient, teacher ... Sophia was also my guide when I started blogging nearly 2,5 years ago, and I just love it ... it surely helps getting issues written down which helps one work through them much easier. So now, we are just waiting to have a glimpse at those gorgeous layouts! Go and have a glimpse at my blog 'Dong Life' Hope to see you over at Doing Life soon. Keep the posting up hey ... no slacking from now on. Keep well. Over and out from Gauteng. Desire