Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Thanks for popping in to see me in cyberspace, Desire. Very sweet of you to welcome this newie onto the block. I will most certainly try and keep up with the blogging - a new broom sweeps clean, right? As soon as I know how to (lol) I will be posting layouts for the world to see (whoa - how scary is that???) Girls, go and check out Desire's blog - very professional and interesting and full - I bet you spend all your time blogging to have filled in so much info, Desire - I too will get there despite my technically-challenged fingers.

Today, my sister-in-law (sil???), Mandi and I are off to a friend in 'Toti (Annamarie) to scrap and chat for the morning - what a wonderful life (see why I lead A Charmed Life?). For those of you are waiting for me to get my A into G and start teaching again, please don't give up on me - I will persevere and will get organised sometime this millennium. In the meantime bombard me with sms's asking for classes (not only will it make me feel good - heehee - but I will get tired of procrastinating - maybe). I am trying to get back my creative mojo - it has gone on an unauthorised, extended vacation and I can't get hold of it to bring it home to mama. CREATIVE MOJO I FORGIVE YOU - COME ON HOME - CAPPUCCINO AND BANANA PECAN NUT MUFFINS AWAIT .....

As you can see I am NOT a drama queen (really, honestly, truly - Annamarie doesn't believe me but it's true - I promised you!!! - Afrikaans/Dutch accent required) - you'll either get used to me or be irritated by me - I can handle both.

As usual running late so must go.

P.S. Bryce has a rugby match against Penzance today - go TEAM!!! C u there my boy with my pom poms and banners flying.

P.P.S. Does anyone know how to combat pre-exam nerves - mine are shot!! I think Bryce is coping better, tho'.

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