Wednesday, June 4, 2008


How is this for good - my second post today - Master Teacher Sophs u r a star - I am hooked!!!!

I don't know how to post a comment on somebody else's blog yet so I haven't replied to any of Sophs comments - told you I have technically-challenged fingers. Am figuring it out so will post to your blog soon, Sophs. So glad to hear that Chloe is ok and that this is something you can learn about and manage until she hopefully grows out of it. Your girls are sooooo cute - makes me broody for a little girl.

Bryce played against Virginia today - not Penzance - blonde, er grey, er .... roots .... and we won 21-20. What a nailbiter at the end - thanks for saving our bacon at the very end, Jack and way to go with all the tries, Rudy!!

My son was a superstar today - he ran three fantastic breakaway runs and made some brilliant tackles today - I am so proud of him. He has been beaming all evening and is proud of himself - what a lovely feeling. I just know he is going to score a try in East London when they go on Tour in June - can't wait!!! WELL DONE, MY BOY!

Greg is in Zambia at the moment - really, really miss him - he may qualify for citizenship (heaven forbid!!) - in fact, I think he has spent more time in Zambia this year than our President has spent in our country - ok, ok - not gonna get political - don't want my phone bugged and being stalked by the CIA or the KKK or the FBI or the FYI (????). Hang in there, hon - you'll be home soon!! Love you lots and thanks for working so hard for us.

Mandi and I scrapped at Annamarie's place today - it was fun even tho' we spoke and laughed more than we scrapped but I guess that's part of the appeal of scrapping - the socialising-silly-giggle stuff. Thanks, Annamarie, had a great time. And to Annamarie's maid, Virginia - you are so funny!!! Hey, girls, bring on September ...

Okay, tired so going to bed to read for a while. Sleep tight fellow blog junkies!

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Michelle Ramsay said...

Hi Tracy

Great start to your blog. I saw the comment on Sophia's but when I went into yours initially it said it wasn't set up. I have been a bit busy lately, so haven't been back again.

I also have a blog - - I have been slack the last couple of months so have not updated, but that is next on my "to do list".

Keep it up and I am looking forward to seeing your scrapping creations.