Saturday, July 5, 2008


Forgot I even posted something this morning after the long haul last night - was pretty tired. I snuggled up next to Greg with my icy cold feet only to have him get up and go and fetch some guys to help with building today - that was 8am. The next time I surfaced was 11.30am - was really hungry so made a peanut butter and syrup sandwich (never wanted them in my lunchbox as a child but can't get enough of them now - go figure ...) and read for about a 1/2 an hour. Fell asleep again and woke up at 1.45pm. I feel well rested now and so ready for the next one. Sophs still has some sand in her eyes, I believe, but I was very proud of her - she maintained well although she looked as though she needed matchsticks to keep those eyes open at around 3am. I compared her to that "nagaapie op dagdiens" (nightowl on day shift). As I said to her, that is normally my "dead" hour but we did it!!!!

I am excited to say that whilst browsing other blogs, I came across two stunning ideas for Sophs' 40th Birthday Party - she wants me to keep it as a surprise so I'll post pictures after the big day. Be sure to check back with me on around the 3rd August. I also offered to demonstrate a make-and-take for the ladies at her party so am working on this idea too. Will also post my dem afterwards. Why not go to Sophs' blog and join her RAK challenge - she is offering a parcel of yummy goodies as a lucky draw prize - so send those cards before it is too late ...

As I type, my mind is swirling with how I am going to fit everything into the next few weeks - I have so much to do: -

I am doing my Driver's Licence on Thursday of next week - excited about this - finally after 16 or so years of driving ... no comments please ... My Learner's Licence expires in about 6 months and I am pleased to say that I finally got my A into G and booked my Driver's. Unfortunately, my A fell out of G and I realised yesterday that the 10th July is next week Thursday. Panic!!! I haven't been for a single lesson and I know nothing about the K53 thing - I drive well but I have to get out the testing grounds with K53 knowledge so I went along to Pro Driving Tactics (long story short, we were in the area looking at some cladding and stone paving when I saw the Traffic Guy's car and remembered that I had to book some lessons) to find out if they could give me a couple of lessons next week. I met with the Traffic Guy himself (our chirpy traffic reporter on East Coast Radio) - he was very sweet although he seemed to agree with Greg that I am a high-maintenance woman (another story, another day). The Driving Instructor took pity on me (bless your heart) and I am meeting with him on Monday at 6am to go through what I need to know. Wish me luck ...

I also need to go and help my mom pack up her house as she will be staying with my brother for a few months from the end of July whilst we complete work on a granny flat for her at the back of our home. All those who know my mom and have helped her move (you will all be blessed a billion times over for helping with this mammoth task the MANY times she has moved - one day when I have at least 24 hours at my disposal I am going to try and work out how many times my mom has moved and how many homes I lived in as a child - it may take more than 24 hours and possibly 3 trees of paper) know that she is a serious packrat (Guess I know where I get it from) and she is moving from a big house into a granny flat so she will HAVE TO get rid of some of the junk - read MOST OF THE JUNK.

Then I also need to meet with a friend as we are putting holiday tins together with a mini album and need to work on the sample and get it out there so we can start teaching.

On top of that I have decided that I will start teaching here at home again and I need to complete some projects for those classes as well. Fun stuff, but the pressure is on ... as usual!

In between all of this I need to make time to take Bryce to the Wavehouse or something and keep him amused for a couple of days in the school holidays.

Obviously I will be burning the midnight oil for a few weeks but right now I am going to cook dinner - roast chicken - have to spend some time with the gorgeous duo (my boys) after all the me time lately!!

Chat Soon!


jacqui said...

Hi Tracy

I hear you're doing your drivers test this am. Wishing you all the best. I'm sure you'll do well and be a "legal" driver!

Looking forward to hearing all about it.


Desire Fourie said...

Hope everything went well yesterday with your driver's test ... let us know waht happened. Inquisitive Desire

Cathy said...

All the best for your drivers for tomorrow. Your life sounds about as hectic as it could possibly get. Good luck also witht he teaching again... would love to see some of your layouts too.

Michelle Ramsay said...

It is a bit late to wish you good luck for your drivers, but I am hoping that you passed it. Please put us out of our misery and let us know how you did!!