Saturday, July 5, 2008


We did it - we made the all-nighter! Sophia and I scrapped from 7pm Friday night to 7am Saturday morning and I am still awake - now 7.25am. Didn't get much done but giggled and chatted alot and had loads of fun! We'll do it again soon, Sophs. And thanks for helping me with stitching my layouts so I will soon be showing off my creative talent (when my mojo is around and not lurking in some or other place where I cannot find it) on my blog. Just want to practice a bit and then I will post some of my LO's.

We started this all-night scrapping session thing a couple of years ago and I have attended and hosted several since. So much fun! Why not organise one in your area soon! Imagine how many pages you could scrap in 12 solid hours?? Yeah, right - with all the talking, laughing and eating going on, we do not achieve what we think we will, but our souls are refreshed - the flesh may be weak at around 3am but our souls are willing. Thanks to all the girls who have shared an all-nighter with me in the past. If you want to do another one soon, let me know - I am always keen.

Good Night ... er ... Good Morning.


Michelle Ramsay said...

Sounds like you both had a load of fun. SOme of my friends and I went to the berg for a week-end and we scrapped for 72 hours I think, only stopping to eat. It was great fun!!


Sophia said...

Morning or is it afternoon, really do not know what time of day it

Thanks, Chick...I had the greatest time ever. Not that we really achieved much, between all the talking, laughing and eating, nut it sure was fun!!!

My eyes still feel sandy...