Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just a quick hello from me today - got my computer upgraded and all looks good so far but I am so tired so will not post BOM challenge or LO's tonight. Please check back with me tomorrow.

To all of you who wished me well for my Driver's - thanks so much - I really appreciate your support. Sad to say, I did not even leave the testing grounds - I was so nervous - BUT there is always a next time!! I was really upset last week, so although I am over the anger and the disappointment, I don't want to re-visit this too much - will keep you updated.

Greg is on his way to Zambia (driving this time) and he sms'd me earlier saying that he had to stop on a road in Botswana to let a herd of elephants cross the road - how awesome is that? We are truly blessed to be able to co-exist with such amazing animals - I just love elephants - scared of them in real life - but LOVE them.

Thanks so much to Sophs for posting while my computer was down - you are a true friend!!

We have a few new ladies who have joined the BOM Challenge since my last post. Will update and welcome everybody tomorrow.

Really tired so I wish you all a Good Night - Sleep tight and happy Scrappy Dreams!


Sophia said...

Just glad to see you back online...was getting withdrawal symptoms.

jacqui said...

Hi Tracy, Glad you're back. Was hoping there wasn't anything seriously wrong on your side.... Sorry about the drivers thing... now you know what to expect and you'll get 100% next time.... Looking forward to the next challenge.
X Jacqui