Friday, August 15, 2008

BOM LO No. 1 and No. 2

Well, now that I know how to upload my LO's, here are my LO's for the first and second Challenges ...

I created a Family Tree on my second page showing my immediate family - I had so much fun planning and measuring where each block had to go and then I drew lines with a brown fineliner to connect the blocks. I created the text boxes in Microsoft Word. The small lettering was a sheet of Basic Grey Stickers which I have had for some time - all I did was cover them with Diamond Glaze and then pour "Cocoa" Glitter over them so that the colouring matched my LO.

Here is an excerpt from my journalling of the Meaning of my Name Challenge (No. 2) ...

The hidden meaning in my Name ...

Bold, courageous “Latin”

“You are an inspiring leader whose originality, creativity
and wisdom are applied to creating practical solutions
to “unsolvable” problems. Humanitarian and idealistic,
your vision is to make the world a better place and
you will work to this end. Hardworking and tenacious
people admire you for your honesty and integrity. You
are a loved and loyal friend and partner. You have the
potential to achieve enormous success in the world.”

My mom was going to name me Genevieve or
Autumn but she was afraid I would be teased if I
were called “Autumn” so she named me Tracy as
she felt it was more “sophisticated and businesslike” and
when she saw me for the first time she said that she
knew that the name Tracy fitted me to a “T (tee hee).

I love my name but it seems so ordinary when
compared to my sister, whose name is Querita …

In 1990 Tracy was ranked the number 108
most popular girls name in the US …

I will load my LO for Challenge No. 3 tomorrow as I want to re-print my baby photo.

Oops, deleted my signature ...

Still playing around with stitching and tweaking my LO's in Photoshop so keep an eye on me for more LO's in the not too distant future - hope you can be inspired in some way by what I love to do ...

Sleep tight.



Sophia said...

WOW Tracy those are both beautiful LOs and I got see them up close too...

Cannot wait to see you as a baba.

Glad to see the scanning is working well...YAY!!!

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Hi Tracy - nice to find another SA scrapper/blogger (thanks Jacki for the links!) I love your blog and it looks like I've popped in at the right moment - nice to get to know you better! will pop in again to see your new lo! :)

Desire Fourie said...

Lovely creative layouts with lots of little details and hard work that went into them. Nice to see your style of scrapping. Bold and courageous you are definitely in hosting this BOM challenge for us to all take part in - keep it up.

Michelle Ramsay said...

Ooh I love your layouts Tracy. Thanks for getting us involved in this challenge.