Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thanks, Sophs - you work really well under pressure - as usual, gorgeous ... and how cute were you!!!!

Here is her journalling ...


My Mom went into hospital on the 30th July 1968 at 8h20 and gave birth a la natural to me at 9h40 on a Tuesday. I weighed 3.24kgs and 21cms long. I was born at Parklands Hospital in Durban. My Dad was not there at the time of my birth, as when my Mom went in they told him to go home and have a nap as it was still going to be a while. Therefore, he missed out on my birth. When he came back my Mom told him he was a Dad to a beautiful girl and he did not want to believe her, as all along he wanted a girl. My Mom said she was very happy when I was born and was ready to have another 12 after me, as I was so easy. My Dad said he felt proud and excited to be a Dad that day. She said I had a good mixture of the both of them in me.

News Headlines - Pope Paul VI reaffirms stand against artificial birth control
Top Song - Hey Jude by Beatles
TV Shows - The Carol Burnett Show
Best Movie Picture – Oliver
Best Actor - Cliff Robertson
Best Actress – Katherine Hepburn

A HUGE scrappy welcome to Lisa who has joined our BOM challenges (introduced by Desire - thanks, girl). No pressure to catch up, Lisa - my advice is to work on the latest challenge and then work your way back ...



jacki janse van rensburg said...

hi tracy
i love the banner you made for sophia. you are so talented!

Sophia said...

Aah thanks, Tracy...nothing like a cute baby to make you all ooh and aah. Now you see where my girls get their genes from, their HOT MAMA...he he he!

Doing this BOM album sure is bringing a lot of memories to surface, having fun with it...

Desire Fourie said...

Yes, Tracy that Sophia specialised name is absolutely stunning. I can just imagine Sophia having it up on her newly chocolate brown painted studio walls with pink trimmings everywhere. Well done Sophia, your LO is gorgeous and you are still as easy going as way back then. Welcome Lisa, I am so glad you have decided to join - this challenge definitely conjour up some serious memories. Warm regards