Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is Desire's take on the Habits BOM Challenge - I have but one word - WOW!!!!

and here is her journalling ....

Dictionary: Noun: The tendency toward an act that has become a repeated performance, relatively fixed, consistent, easy to perform, and almost automatic. Once learned, habits may occur without the intent of the person or may appear to be out of control and are difficult to change.

Childhood Habit:Nail Biting

As a child up to the age of about 11 years, I use to chew my nails, for no obvious outward reason, but perhaps it was more a psychological issue for me. My mom often threatened to put pepper or aloe juice on the tip of my fingers to prevent it, but never actually did it. I just stopped one day and it never happened again. Since I had my first set of naturally grown nails up until today, I always had a natural French manicure with white tipped nails. I have hardly ever had a manicure and I also don’t wear any nail varnish apart from clear varnish on the odd occasion. Its perhaps all the childhood chewing that has resulted in such strong nails.

Lifelong Habit:Lip Biting/Teeth Clenching

Dental Dictionary: habit: In dentistry, habits such as bruxism, clenching, tongue thrusting, and lip and cheek biting may produce injury to the teeth, their attachment apparatus, oral mucosa, mandibular and temporomandibular musculature, and articulation. I have been biting my lips ever since I can remember. The lip biting seems to happen when I am deep in thought or worried. I also clench my teeth/jaws, especially when I am asleep and it has also started from a young age. Often get up in the morning with a headache, which tells me that I have been clenching during the night.

Lifelong Habit:Hair Twisting

When I was a child my mom just had to see me twisting my hair and she knew that my bedtime was near. I still do this today when I am getting sleepy. Fortunately, its not pulling out hair, otherwise I would have been seriously bold today.

Lifelong Habit:Hastiness

I have always been a hurried person who likes getting things done. In some ways this can stand one in good stead, but in other ways can be detrimental. In school my reports often stated that I was a diligent pupil, but tend to make mistakes because of hastiness.

Adulthood Habit:Repositioning Objects

I think this is a very mild form of OCD. I am forever aligning things to be straight, i.e. wall paintings, ornaments, furniture, etc. Even my scrapbooking layout elements are 99% of the time straight.

Adulthood Habit:

Interrupting Conversation This is a very bad habit that I am personally aware of. I think I am short minded. Whilst listening to a conversation or a person talking to me I tend to catch on something that is said and in my mind are already elaborating on this and blurt out this thought before I have forgotten it – interruption the person talking to me.

Good Habits

Hardly ever start something that I don’t finish.



Quote"It's just as easy to form the habit of succeeding as it is to succumb to the habit of failure. Habits aren't instincts; they're acquired reactions. They don't just happen; they are caused. Once you determine the original cause of a habit, it is within your power either to accept or reject it." Author unknown

Well, you certainly do not have any seriously BAD HABITS - It will be interesting to see what everybody else has to say ...

By the way, Desire said that this was by far the hardest LO for her to complete but judging by the quality of her work, I think the "hard ones" are her forte - well done, Desire ...

I will only post again on Tuesday of next week as I will be away for the weekend so please come back then to see more Challenge LO's ...

Have a fantabulous weekend ...



Sophia said...

That is so beautiful Desire, you are putting us to shame...

Michelle Ramsay said...

AWESOME layout!! Makes very interesting reading.

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Well done Desire! Love the journaling circles! Great lo!

Andrea said...

What a lovely lovely layout, well done Desire!!!