Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BOM No. 4 from SOPHIA

Here is her divine LO ....

And here is what she had to tell us about her years at school ...

My school years feel like a distant memory to me. It has been like what...22 years, feels like forever.
I started Class 1 in 1975 at Montclair Primary School in Durban and also completed Class 2 there in 1976. What I
can clearly remember about this time was that I took speech and drama to teach me to speak properly and articulate my words better, as I used to speak as if I had potatoes in my mouth. We had put on a concert for drama and I was a blackbird in a pie (from the nursery rhyme).
Then my family moved to Rustenburg and I started Std 1 at Fields Primary School in 1977. It was a great school. I finished Std 5 in 1981. Then it was on to Grenville High School, Std 6 in 1982.
My family moved again, this time to Empangeni and I started Std 7 in 1983 and was there until I matriculated in 1986.
I was not one of the fortunate girls at school, who had all the boys after here, instead I was more of a studious person and you could say a nerdy type person. Wore glasses etc...You get the picture. I even got given a nickname of Alexander Mouse from Maya the Bee...must have been those silly looking glasses I had to wear throughout my school career.
When I was allowed to choose my subjects, I went for English, Afrikaans, Maths, Biology, Business Economics, and Accountancy, as I wanted to study further to become an accountant...
I was not a very sporty person either. I tried Drummies in Std 6, hockey and squash in Std 7 and a little long distant running.
I went with a good friend, Michael Filmater to my Matric dance, and I wore the most hideous dress as you can see in the photo, I guess back in those days it was
I used to have a huge crush on a boy in my high school, who ended up being in my class and every time he was around, they would tease me about, which made me blush and feel so shy.
Other than that, I enjoyed my school days, although I was not one of those kids who studied weeks and months before exams..I studied the day before and managed to get through okay.

Thanks, Sophs ...

For the rest of you who haven't yet submitted .. don't panic ... it's not a race although I would love to get to know you better - e-mail me if you're stuck and I'll help with ideas and suggestions. In the meantime, take a look at this divine site for layout sketches.



Sophia said...

Thanks Tracy for posting...hate seeing me in those glasses, but I guess that is what this journey is all about!!!

Libby said...

Such a divine layout Sophia! Well done! Tracy - I'm almost ready to send my next one in, should be with you by latest Wednesday :)

Also, thanks so much for your comments regarding the quilts. I don't do orders at this stage as they are so time consuming but perhaps you should pop in a Cotton Tale and chat to Judy (the owner) and chat to her if you're interested in lessons there or even getting a quilt commissioned for you. She is so lovely! And I love the time Carol and I spend there! So many quilts, so little time!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Lovely layout Sophia - great journalling too - amazing how the fashions have changed!!

Great site for layouts - thanks for sharing.

Stefanie said...

Lovely LO. I wish I had that many photos of me in school.

KJ-Starre said...

Great job Sophia....!