Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is what my boy got for his birthday today - needless to say Greg and Bryce were out at 6am testing this new baby at Davenport parking lot - to those of you in the nearby flats who were still sleeping - sorry .... BUT a BOY'S gotta do what a BOY'S gotta do ... This is a delicious toy, people - petrol, nogal (well, methane something or other). He was teasing me yesterday saying that he would get me a pink Hummer but then I would put flower and butterfly rub-ons all over it and embarrass him at the track (he knows me well). He also said that as soon as it hit the dirt track I would be squealing "Get it off the track - it's getting dirty!!!"

The WHOLE family is coming around for boerewors rolls and cake tonight so will post a couple of pics tomorrow.

P.S. Thank you do much to all the ladies who left such lovely comments on my previous post - it's nice to know I am not alone out there - sometimes being a parent hurts in the nicest ways (does this make sense???) It's a true blessing being a parent, and especially to such a lovely child as mine .... tee hee ...

{LIVE} well for the rest of today - you can never go back and re-live it - unless you're the Journeyman (does anybody watch this series??? Is it worth wasting precious scrapping time for? Let me know ...)



Sophia said...

Happy Birthday Bryce, hope you got spoilt lots, like the car...and I can so see your Mom with her PINK car shouting keep the dirt off her.

Libby said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce :)

Tracy I have a suggestion, brought on by the hideous outfit posted on my blog that my mom made us wear.... (feel free to visit and laugh yourself silly). Might be an idea to add a challenge for us to include our most memorable, hideous, etc fashion nightmares :) What do you think?