Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yup!!! It's easy really when you know how ... after all, "when you know better you can do better" (thanks, Maya Angelou) ...

I figured out that Kids have it all mapped out perfectly ...

keep it simple and enjoy the little things
(Could it be any easier than this?)

(I found the following suggestions on a website somewhere out there in Cyberspace (I cannot remember who I have to give the credit to so I thank you in anticipation of coming across your site again ...)

Do a cartwheel.
Sing into your hairbrush.
Walk barefoot in wet grass.
Play a song you like really loud, over and over.
Dot all your “i”’s with smiley faces.
Read the funnies. Throw the rest of the paper away.
Dunk your cookies.
Play a game where you make up the rules as you go along.
Step carefully over sidewalk cracks.
Change into some play clothes.
Try to get someone to trade you a better sandwich.
Eat ice cream for breakfast.
Kiss a frog, just in case.
Blow the wrapper off a straw.
Have someone read you a story.
Find some pretty stones and save them.
Wear your favorite shirt with you favorite pants even if they don’t match.
Take a running jump over a big puddle.
Get someone to buy you something you really don’t need.
Hide your vegetables under your napkin.
Stay up past your bedtime.
Eat dessert first.
Fuss a little, then take a nap.
Wear red gym shoes.
Put way too much sugar on your cereal.
Make cool screeching noises every time you turn a corner.
Giggle a lot for no reason.
Give yourself a gold star for everything you do today.

Give it a try ...



Michelle Ramsay said...

Eat dessert first - I can so relate to this!!! Love all these things - quite a few I already do - he he

Cathy said...

Oh I love that list.... could soooooooooo do a whole bunch of them.... life would be such fun then and much easier too.

Beryldene said...

Ok seriously...??? Gf you could do all these TWICE if had a DISHWASHER!!!...eish!!!

Love your love love it, but please read my blog and maybe, just maybe, you will come to your sweet's all that lime and lemonade I tell you!



Andrea said...

LOVED this post...thanks for the inspiration!!!!


Sophia said...

Something on my BLOG for you...

Simply-Mel said...

Amen sista. Lets make these our NY resolutions!!