Friday, July 4, 2008


How lucky am I? I have just spent the last two hours lying on a hammock in my front garden, reading a Tess Gerritsen novel (Body Double - enthralling). What could be better? Feel it with me: -

Imagine the beautiful winter's sun keeping my skin toasty warm and the sound of birds playing in the trees above me. Feel the soft and spongy grass under my feet as I move with the waning sun ... bliss ... Heaven on Earth! Peaceful, calm ... Now there is the noise of a lawnmower next door - somehow not intrusive, just comforting and NORMAL. Greg is busy cleaning out the pond and every so often I catch his eye and we share a smile - I see the love we share reflected in his eyes. I once again get lost in amongst the pages of the book. No worries for right now - I'll worry again tomorrow - or not!

Oh, how I love our Winter season - especially when the sun peeps through my windows about mid-morning and makes my bed all toasty and warm and when the same sun warms my chilly skin when I go outside for the first time in the morning - there is no place I would rather be right here, right now!

Make no mistake, it does get cold here - my Greg even brought my furry blankie out to me as the sun moved over our roof and the shadows fell onto the grass where I was slumbering - not quite sleeping - not quite reading - but just being ... delicious!!

I had to document these peaceful feelings because there are not enough of them - always rush, rush, rush or go, go, go ...

Perhaps I feel "free" because Bryce has gone on an overnight Church campout with his Grandfather and cousins - perhaps knowing that he'll be back before lunch tomorrow is somehow liberating too. Greg is home early from work and just relaxing in the garden and now infront of TV doing what he does best - flicking channels. It is great to see Greg chilled. I feel relaxed. I feel safe. I am happy!

The dining room table is a disaster zone and I have some friends coming over for an all-nighter tonight but I don't feel stressed - usually I would be tearing around the house trying to fix everything and make it perfect but today is not that day. Today I am just being ...

Hope you too have days or even a few hours like this where you can re-connect with yourself. Remember ...

TRACY'S LIFE LESSON No. 1 - the more you give to yourself with honesty and without regret, the more you can give of yourself to others ....

Bye for now.

P.S. Have already had a number of girls joining my BOM challenge - come on and join in the fun - do something for yourself!!

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