Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ooooh, forgot to post this on Monday. Bryce and I went to see Mamma Mia at Suncoast on Sunday evening - Rotary had organised a special preview screening of the movie and we were lucky enough to get tickets from Vashi - thanks, girl! Bryce and I went a little early and had a dinner snack (what is that?? Well, I guess it means a small dinner??? - I don't know - just made it up - tee hee ...)

We met Stuart, Belma and Cam there and of course Vashi was there with her son, Kabir and a bunch of other eager beavers just waiting to rock to the sounds of ABBA!!!

I saw the original Show in London in 2001 and was enthralled by the musical then so I was sooo looking forward to the screen version and I must say that I was not disappointed!!!

Pierce (Brosnan) baby cannot sing, bless his heart, but then again, neither can I - but he did look his usual hot self so I forgave the bad singing ... What an entertaining movie - I think made even more so because of the fantastic music - just love ABBA - made me want to get up on stage and sing and dance and also made me want to connect with old friends and have a "wild girl time" ...

If you get the opportunity to see the movie, go for it!!! Not an Oscar-award winning movie but certainly light-hearted and entertaining ... even Bryce enjoyed it but then he has his mama's good taste in music so I would expect nothing less.

Oh, and a huge first for me - I made Coconut Ice for Bryce on Monday morning - he had to present an oral at school - their task was to write out a recipe and then explain to the other learners how to make the dish. I didn't realise coconut ice was so easy. Will post this delish recipe soon - thanks to Annie who gave me this easy (even I can't flop this ....) recipe.

Greg is still away - missing him like mad - love you hon - only about 10 more sleeps ...

Well, I'm off to bed now ... Sleep Tight.


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Sophia said...

OK, now I am jealous I am so dying to see this movie...will have to see if hubby can get it for me!

Got to love them ABBA tunes!

Desire Fourie said...

Thanks for the ABBA review. I agree Brosnan is so gorgeous, one can forgive him anything. Still my favourite 007. Will have to make a plan to go and see this movie even if it is just for the hunk. But I do love Abba's music though.

Libby said...

I'm also dying to go and see it! Jules and I often drive around with my "Best of ABBA" cd so loud we can't hear outselves singing but we sing at the top of our voices anyway!

Looking forward to the coconut ice recipe :)

~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

I wanna see it too! Now to find somebody to go and watch it with me! leon's not into movies at all and my kids will defiantely not like this one. Will have to arrange a girls night with one of my friends! :)