Thursday, February 19, 2009

MICHELLE 101 ...

Here is Michelle's contribution to Bom Challenge No. 14 ...

I can't watch a movie without eating popcorn
I only wear g-strings
I am still considering having a tattoo
I am a good listener
I love the smell of Jasmin
I always go the extra mile
I don't wear much make-up
I wear a size 6 shoe
I always wanted only 2 children
At home I often walk around barefoot
I was pushed by a baboon - was trying to save our biscuits that he wanted!
I love chocolate especially with nuts in it
I love cashew nuts
I love the smell of lavender

I have swam the Midmar mile 3 times
I enjoy watching people
I love dancing

My nickname at school was "Frog"
I have known my best friend, Ingrid, since 1970
I finished school in 1979
I have done line dancing
I love wrapping up presents
I have never been a bridesmaid

I organised a formal dinner for 364 people
I have a Computer Secretarial certificate
I enjoy a challenge
I love not wearing a bra – don't know if the boobs do!!
I normally cut up and mix all my food
I love a chilli seasoning
I make a delicious lemon meringue pie
I know lots of people
I like cats but will never have one of my own
I laugh often
I see the funny side of sometimes serious situations

I love watching monkeys
I can't skateboard
I have never surfed
I have never ever smoked
I could do the splits
I can still almost do the splits!
I can't breathe when swimming freestyle
I have never been on a motorbike
When I was 12 I worried that when I became a teenager I would have no clothes!
I once put nail polish on my eyes thinking it would be good eye make-up
I love reading
I have had 6 operations
I used to be a Girl Guide
I have never made a braai
I have hair on my toes!
I am quite lucky
I have ridden an Ostrich
I had a doll called Lucy
I got a lucky bean stuck up my nose
I broke my collar bone doing a 3 legged race the day before school exams
I only had one serious boyfriend before Dereck
I started wearing glasses for reading in 1984
I got married in 1984
I had my first child in 1986
I had my second child in 1988
I had to have an emergency Ceasar for my first child
My first dog was a mongrel called Tawny
I used to have hamsters as pets
I also used to have chameleons as pets
I worked as a waitress at Pizzaland (it's demolished now!!)
Dereck taught me how to drive
I have high arches on my feet – Leanne says they were bound!!
I used to put corks between my big toes to straighten them – ouch!!!
I used to walk about 4km to school to save my bus fare
I went overseas for the first time in February 1982
My first employer was The Standard Bank of SA Limited
My first salary was R300-00 per month
I used to stay in a bachelor flat in Broad Street in town
I have never cut my own hair
I regularly cut Dereck & Grant's hair
I enjoy baking
I have done the world's highest bungy jump
I can sew
I can do basic crocheting
I have done embroidery
I can knit

I hand make teddy bears
I can cook
I don't drink glasses of milk
I enjoy the outdoors
I love shopping
I am generous

Tony Watson (ex rugby player) signed my birthday card
I fell while snow skiing and had to be rescued off the mountain
I love travelling
I love scrapbooking

I enjoy working in the garden
I have ridden a horse
I love my current job
I am never bored
I have been to the top of the Eifel Tower
I walked up to the top of the Campanile in Port Elizabeth
I love listening to music
I used to catch a train with my friends to Kelso Caravan Park
My friends had to teach me to drink coffee!!
In 1982 whilst in London, I walked past Princess Diana
Bruce Fordyce (Comrades runner) autographed his biography for me
I really want to bungy jump off Vic Falls
I loved playing with Barbie dolls
I used to be scared of the dark
At school I loved acting
I can say – supercalafragalisticexpialidocious – can you?

You sure are interesting, Michelle and I can add another interesting fact about you - you are super-organised ...
I have highlighted the things (30 of them) that you and I have in common .... we are all so different yet so alike ...
By the way, Michelle managed to name 106 interesting facts about herself - how many have you got???? Phew ... the pressure is on ...

Am still looking for a topic for the next BOM Challenge ... will post shortly ...



Desire Fourie said...

Fantastic Michelle. I wholeheartedly agree that we can add super duper organised as no.107! Putting us fellow BOM-ers really to shame now ....

mara said...

Interesting facts. As a matter of interest my first salary was R782-50 and I resigned when I got offered R1000-00 per month at the bank, my first increase was 25% a whopping R250-00.